Zip Zap Circus – February 2020

Ongoing enchantment filming Zip Zap Circus for Canal +



Madagascar shoot – June 2019

What a pleasure to spend time with up-coming star astronomer, Zara Randraimanakoto

Shoot in South Africa – May 2019

Had the honour to spend some time with world renown chemist Professor Tebello Nyokong, from Lesotho.

Shoot in Congo – March 2019

A couple of pis form our Women in Science shoot in Congo, at la Fondation Congolaise pour la Recherche Médicale, founded by the amazing Professor  Francine Ntoumi. Total respect.

Kenya – December 2018

A feu pics from the Women in Science in Africa shoot in Kenya. We had the privilège of spending time with the women of the Green Belt Movement founded by Wangari Maathai, Nobel peace prize winner. Oh Kenya, I love you so!

Last shoot in Paris – July 2017

Last shoot in Paris with Mohammad and my friend DOP Lionel Issy Schwart before I leave for Cape Town. But not the last day of filming, far from it… I’ll be back…

We’re all rather emotional in front of the Tour Eiffel…

Yay. Screening in Venice Beach, Los Angeles – May 2017

Yay. Screening in the Electic Lounge in Venice Beach, Los Angeles at the Garifuna International Indigenous Film Festival.

Many thanks to Feda Sideroff and team!


In for the long-haul, filming Syrian chef Mohammad Elkhaldy – May 2017

I have been filming Syrian chef Mohammad Elkhady for several months now. Each time it is an immense pleasure marked by his generosity and inevitably accompanied by a delicious feast. This barbecue at the Parc de Créteil was no exception. Awesome.


Black Mambas, South africa – December 2016

Exciting to meeting these awesome ladies…


And in the meantime in Zongo Nunnery, DRC – July 2016

And in the meantime at Zongo nunnery: Thunderstorms, torrential rain, flooding and caterpillars for dinner… Loved every minute of it!


UNHCR Shoot – DRC – July 2016

Working with the UNHCR on a couple of multimedia pieces… Great team, fantastic stories… Here with Céline Schmitt, UNHCR and Sister Maria, 82, still a dedicated and energetic midwife… “My hands have delivered more then 30.000 babies”


Simultaneous translation – December 2015

Simultaneous translation checking. Click language with the Kalahari San in one room, Japanese with the Ama divers next door = Acute Schizophrenia.


Special Mention by the International Jury in the XXVI of Rovereto – October 2015

“Congratulations from the festival teamWe are really glad to tell you that your film “Kgonta Bo” received a Special Mention by the International Jury in the XXVI “Rassegna del Cinema Archeologico di Rovereto”, organized by the Fondazione Museo Civico in Rovereto, Italy ( oct 6-10, 2015).  The competition was of a very high level and tough. However, the content of your film (subject/story, researchers’ work and photography), the contribution of the bushmen to the comprehension of objects that the researchers were not able to interpret, the sensitiveness and sense of humour, the insight on this local culture at risk…  were very appreciated by the jury.”


Bush screening in Namibia – September 2015

Awesome experience to have been able to share the film with Kgonta Bo and his family – uncontrollable giggling, a permanent flow of live commentary, tears – it was a roller coaster of emotions in our make-shift bush cinema. What a humbling and unforgettable moment… Precious…

Kate-Thompson-Gorry-Bush_Screening2Kate-Thompson-Gorry-Bush_Screening6 Kate-Thompson-Gorry-Bush_Screening12Kate-Thompson-Gorry-Bush_Screening14Kate-Thompson-Gorry-Bush_Screening3Kate-Thompson-Gorry-Bush_Screening11 Kate-Thompson-Gorry-Bush_Screening10Kate-Thompson-Gorry-Bush_Screening9Kate-Thompson-Gorry-Bush_Screening13Kate-Thompson-Gorry-Bush_Screening8

Hegura Island, Japan – July 2015

Intense shoot in the Japanese Sea with the traditional, hard-core, real Mccoy Ama community from Hegura Island! An amazing time and true privilege to live, only made possible thanks to Ann Mcdonald’s insider’s introduction, Makiko Segawa’s patient translations and Go Tabinuki’s amazing underwater footage. A new collaboration with MC4 for Planète Thalassa and NHK World.


Back to Botswana – June 2015

Back to Botswana withe the one and only Lionel Ist Schwart


FranceTV’s new documentary collection ‘Humanités’

A Shaman’s Journey – selected to be part of the new FranceTV documentary collection ‘Humanités’. In great company.


KAROO COWBOY – Perfect storm in the Karoo


For further info, check out Julienne du Toit and Chris Marais’s awesome website:

Kgonta Bo to open the Étonnnants Voyageurs Festival

Partners at this year’s 25 edition of the festival Étonnants Voyageurs (Amazing travellers), France 5 has chosen A shaman’s journey to open the Festival. First screening at 19h30 in the Grand Palais of Saint Malo. Second screening and debate the day after at 15h30.


Scouting in the Big Easy – April 2014

Scouting in New Orleans in the perspective of the ten years post Katrina anniversary coming up August 2015… Check-out the photos on the project page. The town blew our minds and conquered our hearts. I had the privilege to be invited to attend Big Chief Mardi gras Indian Larry Bannock’s funeral. It was a true honour.

Kate-Thompson-Gorry-REPERAGESNOLA-1Kate-Thompson-Gorry-REPERAGESNOLA-2 Kate-Thompson-Gorry-REPERAGESNOLA-4Kate-Thompson-Gorry-Homepage-30 copyKate-Thompson-Gorry-REPERAGESNOLA-3Kate-Thompson-Gorry-NOLA-2 copy