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To each their own poison

A 52’ documentary
Written and directed by Kate Thompson‐Gorry

Cinematography : Séverine Vasselin / Guillaume Lomprez
Sound : Bruno Leneveu / Marc Soupa
Editing : Sandrine Hermitte
Production : Arnaud Poivre d’Arvors / Phare Ouest Productions
Production / Broadcasting : France 5
Distribution : Lagardère Entertainement

© Phare Ouest Productions / France Télévisions / 2009

Arsenic, hemlock, cyanide… for a long time these were the poisons for the perfect crime. Cheap, easy to procure and discrete, they are often used to get rid of family members, usually slipped into the food during a meal. People say poisons are the preferred weapons of the ladies! Indeed, Violette Nozière, Marie Lafarge and Marie Besnard were three celebrated poisoners. ‘To each her own poison’ is the story of these murderesses and the poisons they used. Nowadays with the advances made in science, in particular in the techniques used by forensic medicine and toxicology, it is now possible to detect the smallest trace of poison even if the poisoning techniques themselves are getting better. This documentary film follows policemen and experts at the cutting edge of chemical technology and the new uses that are derived from them.

To each their own poison – Excerpts 1

To each their own poison – Excerpts 2


Delving into the world of forensic science was an interesting experience that led to my writing and directing a 26’ corporate documentary for Publicis Healthcare International, using the forensic police scene as a metaphor for the needs to thoroughly investigate when diagnosing osteoporosis!

Directing: Kate Thompson-Gorry
Cinematography : Guillaume Lomprez
Sound : Marc Soupa
Editing : Cécile Garnier
Agency : Publicis Healthcare International
Executive production: Algorythme
Client: Laboratoires Lilly

Osteoporosis Investigation – Excerpts